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The company “United Center for Plumbing Assistance” provides a range of services for the maintenance of sewerage, heating and water supply systems

Our technology

In our work we use only professional equipment

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The best guarantee for plumbing work – plumbing

installed by a professional.

Rental of machines and equipment
Our company has a wide selection of universal special equipment from leading manufacturers. Rental of special equipment can be arranged on favorable terms, both legal entities with different areas of activity, and private clients. The company's priority is affordability for everyone, so it is focused on providing quality and mutually beneficial services, regardless of the lease term and client status. the fleet includes the entire range of special equipment with technical and operational characteristics; the company guarantees a complete inspection and necessary maintenance of the rented car before sending it to the facility;
our offices
our offices
Repair and maintenance of
machines and mechanisms

Our Company specializes in comprehensive maintenance of Vacuum-pressure machines.
We help all our clients by taking care of almost all non-core issues for the company related to your equipment.

In addition, our service team offers preventive maintenance for absolutely all types of vehicles and systems to keep them in good technical condition. This pays off in the short downtime of your machines.

Our service is to your benefit:

  • Quick Decisions
  • Assistance in all matters related to the operation of the vehicle
  • Large parts store
  • Fast and modern delivery of spare parts
  • High technical and human competence
  • High flexibility of terms of repair
  • Complex modifications possible
  • Also, comprehensive help with third-party products
  • Authorized workshop
  • Increase your car resale income through regular maintenance
our work

The company “Unified Center for Plumbing Assistance” provides a complex
services for the maintenance of sewerage systems and water and heat supply.

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our certificates

Our specialists have been trained in specialized institutions and constantly improve
their level of qualification

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Our advantages

The main advantages of our company, which explain why we are the best in this field

icon 24/7 support
icon Application processing as soon as possible
icon More than 10 years of daily work
icon New transport and equipment
icon Representative offices in many cities of Ukraine
icon Full range of plumbing services

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    Plumbing work in Odessa and Nikolaev of any complexity - a quick solution to problems 24/7

    We all faced a situation that knocked out the work of an enterprise, public institution, private house or apartment from the rut - problems with plumbing. Our company knows how important emergency plumbing assistance is on holidays and weekends. When city services do not answer the call, and you cannot fix the problem yourself due to:

    • Lack of skills and experience;

    • Equipment;

    • Equipment

    A specialized service comes to the rescue, which is ready to help on the day of the call. You still do not believe in inexpensive, high-quality and efficient service? We will prove otherwise.

    Today, the Unified Center for Plumbing Assistance helps to solve a wide range of problems:

    • Emergency cleaning of drain pipes and sewers;

    • Pit excavation;

    • Disposal and removal of solid waste;

    • Video diagnostics of pipes and sewerage systems;

    This is not the whole list with which specialists successfully cope.

    Profitable and reliable cooperation

    ECSP has been on the market for 11 years. The company carries out construction works of any complexity, as well as design, installation and professional maintenance of heating, sewerage, water supply systems.

    We successfully cooperate on an ongoing basis with:

    • State and private structures;

    • Companies, firms, factories, corporations;

    • Services - restaurants, hotels, hotels;

    • Shopping malls and shops

    We know how important plumbing services are in Odessa and other cities of Ukraine. Tourist cities are rich in establishments and services that work around the clock and provide services to guests. That is why it is important to maintain the perfect technical condition of the establishments, and we are ready to help in this.

    The most unforeseen situations happen on non-working days, mainly at night and in the evening. Thanks to a wide range of plumbing services and work seven days a week, the client will quickly and inexpensively fix the problem.

    Would you like to cooperate with us?

    We offer work on favorable terms that no other company will offer:

    • The company operates around the clock. We are always in touch and ready to answer any questions and accept an application for departure of masters. Phones in the section contacts by city. We work throughout Ukraine;

    • Affordable prices for repairs, cleaning and installation

    • Working with professional machinery and equipment from world leaders - ROTHENBERGER, USJETTING, KEG;

    • Minimum troubleshooting time - blockages and leaks

    Evaluate the quality of our work once and become regular customers of the company.

    How to start cooperation

    You can order plumbing work in Nikolaev by phone or online. In the contacts section, you will see phone numbers by city. Fill out the form and leave a request. Please provide a name, contact phone number, and a description of the problem. The specialist will contact the client in the near future to clarify the details of the breakdown and send a team of specialists.